Zentrifuge is a young independent game developer specializing in serious games.

Zentrifuge was founded by Klaus Brügmann and, as of Autumn 2014, is located in Bayern, Germany.

Zentrifuge‘s goal is bridging between and integrating the so far largely disjunct domains of digital interactive entertainment and serious activity. We are actively developing apps that can be viewed as full-grown games and at the same time serve practical real-life purposes, both of cultural and personal nature.

“There is the notion that for video games entertainment value and practical use are ultimately at odds with each other. We believe the opposite is the case.”

Zentrifuge is behind Hide-and-Seek, a serious game experience on the present state of affairs with citizen data privacy and end-to-end email encryption.
Zentrifuge is creative lead for meQuanics, a pioneer game project leveraging casual gaming crowds for mastering key challenges of Quantum Computer science.