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Enter VR

Posted By on July 15, 2016 in Uncategorized |

VR. We were passionless until we tried it! We were clueless! We stumbled through a shady side door. What a lucky coincidence that we were introduced to this before the rush started. When talking interactive 3D then VR is a no-brainer: It’s the obvious solution for too many user interface related barriers, crutches, design flaws that have bugged creators since the days of 3DFX. It’s the holodeck becoming reality (albeit without the touching).

To blame for our excitement is first and foremost HTC and Valve, who have done a marvelous job in delivering the first truely satisfying interactive VR-experience for a non-geek crowd: The room-scale setup allows us to roam virtual worlds and direct our interaction with its inhabitants using our own physical bodies. The space is limited, yes, our hands are tied to controllers, yes, but even with those constraints there’s a universe of exhilarating new experiences to be had.

We can only hope that the amazing progress in VR technology during the last 2 years is fueled by an ever growing audience for the years to come, so we see Moore’s law hold for this beautiful technology. We’ll do our part, so stay tuned.