rover_3sketches… he was among the first Mars settlers, Grandfather Vincent, I remember him so well, even though I was only 11 when he departed: He was in his 60ies, so he was the Mathusalem among that funny crowd of adventurers. I was not surprised by his decision though because he had been telling fantastic stories about Mars as long as I can remember. I loved him. …

S. Mayfield’s diary, June 1st 1912



Mars ’31 is a mobile game that takes us on a love story with the untouched valleys and plains of Mars during the early 20th century. We’re cast as a lone-wolf pioneer Mars settler on a quest for survivial, traces of the past and a deeper understanding of that ancient new world.

The game is a real-time puzzle that challenges us to give up safety for a chance to reach beyond the horizon of expectation. Play it safe and stick to what is known, or demand more while risking everything.

Developed in collaboration with Tokyo-based artists Joseph Canouil and Edern Grey.



For Android and iOS, developed with Unity game engine.

Release is planned for early 2017.