logoiCO2 is an interdisciplinary project integrating topics of active research (Agent-based AI, user behavior in multi-user environments, traffic simulation) with E-learning and video game entertainment, thereby making research more accessible to the general public (Open Science) while leveraging crowd-sourcing for empirical data collection.

Test your eco-driving skills now on Facebook or on iPad.

iCO2 puts users at the helm of a current generation eco-car to navigate an authentic central Tokyo street map, and challenges them to complete driving missions with maximum fuel efficiency.

iCO2 is unique in that it ties in the freedom of open-world gameplay with users’ real-life responsibilities.” (K. Bruegmann)

iCO2 therefore is also well-aligned with Zentrifuge’s very own goal of bridging the gap between entertainment and life-relevance for video games.

iCO2 is developed by the Global Lab Project at the National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo.



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